Design, Equipment & Boating Safety Branch

Transport Canada - Design, Equipment & Boating Safety Branch


Design, Equipment & Boating Safety Branch

The Design, Equipment and Boating Safety branch is responsible for the development of legislation, regulations, standards, programs, policies, and procedures related to:

  •     Vessel Design and Construction
  •     Electrical systems and machinery
  •     Vessel stability and load lines
  •     Marine safety equipment including active and passive fire protection, lifeboats, and life jackets

The Branch develops procedures and performance criteria for the delivery of programs in the regions, monitors results and adjusts processes and standards as required to achieve the desired performance and safety objectives. The Branch deals with all vessels including:

  •     Fishing vessels
  •     High speed craft
  •     Offshore and Arctic shipping
  •     Pleasure craft and small vessels
  •     Tour boats and whitewater rafting

The Office of Boating Safety is part of Design Equipment and Boating Safety and works closely with the recreational boating community, delivering prevention-based programs to reduce the safety risks and environmental impacts of boating across all waters of Canada.
In addition, the Branch coordinates the marine research and development program, manages the product approval program, and provides technical advice on matters pertaining to ship/hull design, equipment, and the Arctic shipping regulatory regime. The Branch participates in international matters related to: